Kitchen Display System

The indispensable tool in the kitchen.

Cook a great customer experience.

More Order Turnovers

Chefs now process similar orders together and waiters speed up deliveries to achieve better turn-over rates and higher revenues.

Happier Customers

System conveys customer preferences exactly and prioritizes orders of patrons who have started eating. Deliver awesome service every time.

Enthusiastic Staff

Complete digitization cuts down communication errors drastically. Waiters and chefs are more energetic because they’re able to do their job well.

Avoid double-work of manual writing of KOTs. Enter once on the computer and print in instantly in the kitchen.
Prepare orders in time so they are always served at the right temperature.
Waiters give customers realistic delivery times, thanks to visual order statuses.
Make food deliveries to the table faster with a checker display system.
Track and improve kitchen performance and prep times with detailed reports.
Route orders to the right kitchen based on order type and chef availability.
Change order priorities by moving it up or down the queue to serve your guests better.