The Android app for fast food restaurants.

Make Customers. Make Money. Repeat.

Empower your staff to work their best – all day.

Look Smart, Instantly

With a printer and the DineTouch Android app, you can run your entire fast food restaurant operations as professional and smart as a top fast food chain.

Save Time

Android-friendly navigation makes it easy scrolling through a long list of menu items a breeze. Speed will become your bestfriend.

Experience Insights

DineTouch offers instant snapshot of your outlet performance in the form of gross sales, sales summary and item-wise sales. Make the right decision, everytime.

No Internet? No problem! Take orders offline and sync them to the cloud later.
Run your restaurant operation with a Android-powered smartphone or a tablet.
By assigning two-letter shortcuts to menu items you can access them much quicker.
Print receipts wirelessly or blue tooth or USB to a wide range of printers
Ensure smooth operations over multiple shifts and keep staff happy.
DineTouch allows you to track payment types – as cash, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, JCB and Discover – accurately.