EPSON TM-U220 COM Kitchen Printer

The intelligent POS printer and controller in one.

The Epson TMU220B Dot Matrix Receipt Printer is the ideal solution for use in Cafes, Restaurants and Bars as a secondary printer that prints duplicate dockets.

Functionality Requirements for using the U220 Kitchen Printer:

  • Can be used as a Secondary Printer, so the Lead Printer would be the Epson TM82 Intelligent Printer

  • Compatible with iOS and Android

  • It relies on carbon copy rather than thermal paper

  • Requires Ribbon as well as Paper to operate

Key Benefits & Features of the U220 Kitchen Printer:

  • Best suited to heavy duty production environments

  • Prints on non-heat sensitive paper – the best choice for hot locations like near ovens, coffee machines, heat lamps or bain maries.

  • 160mm (W) x 286mm (D) x 157.5mm (H) (Approx. 2.7Kg)

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