A POS system that simplifies your business growth!

Xilnex is for all windows based system. Easy to use but equipped with sophisticated features, Xilnex is a system that is able to cater retail management up to the enterprise level.


Xilnex is an independent software that can run on any Windows-based Operating System. Therefore, your up-front setup fee can be very low as you can just recycle the hardware that you have used before integrating to our software. Your installation fees will only cover the software fee.


As Xilnex is a Cloud POS System, our software is capable to do an on-going upgrade to the latest version. We constantly look into improving our software in terms of performance and also usability. As long as you are connected to the Internet, Xilnex will automatically update your software to the latest version 


Xilnex does not only manage your point-of-sale, we take it a step further. We integrate CRM, Attendance Monitoring, Remote Permission, Accounting, E-commerce and Stock Checking. All these extra bonuses are to simplify your company growth and accommodate your future business expansion. We are not just thinking for your business today but for your future.


Xilnex is an automated POS System that just requires an initial setup to function. Even for the promotions & rewards system, if you are able foresee your company’s promotion for a whole year, Xilnex is able to automate it. When the registered date arrives, the promotion will auto initiate without requiring another setup. Run on an automated and unlimited space instantly as long as the crucial setup of Xilnex is done.


Xilnex is a Cloud-based system that constantly updates information to the Cloud, providing data lost protection. The Cloud will also enable you to access any POS result, with business reports accessible anywhere and anytime. Xilnex charges on a monthly pay-per-use basis. Not using our POS system during a specific month? No worries, there will be no charges incurred for that month.


Xilnex is a Windows-based system which enables it to be installed on any device as long as Windows is its operating system. Windows is the universal Operating System which has more than 50% of market shares of any devices across the globe. Our back-end control is a web-based control that allows you to use on any device with web browsers. If your company is running a Windows-based system, your integration to Xilnex will be seamless.


Data is crucial to run a business. We make it our priority to protect these data. Xilnex has the best data protection for your business. There is no hassle as all the data transfer between your POS system to the server is SSL Security protect with encryptions that protects your data. Xilnex is also certified as “Common Criteria Level 1”. We not just are protecting it from been hacked but also from getting lost. Because our system is Cloud-based, if there happens to be any hardware malfunction that causes data loss, Xilnex will be able to recover all your data that has been uploaded.


The latest addition to the host of Xilnex features is Xilnex™ on the Move; a mobile app that enables you to create and view mobile reporting dashboards wherever you are. Xilnex has improved its flexibility, allowing users to view detailed retail and operation information right away. Remote permission can be provided for your staff through this app as well. Download the app today at the Google Play Store.