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Our multi-functional restaurant POS solution gives operators all the tools necessary to boost sales and increase the pace of service. Staff can use R-POS to enter orders and payments, streamline food preparation and delivery and improve operations.

Provide your customers with an exceptional dining experience while efficiently managing your business.  NRM provides easy-to-use POS solutions that helps you deliver exceptional customer service, reduce training time and increase sales and build customer loyalty.

R-POS TableService :

Makes managing a restaurant easy. It offers advanced POS functionality, intuitive Windows-based touch screens, open architecture, built-in redundancy, extensive front-of-house reporting capabilities and much more to meet the needs of your business.

R-POS TableService offers a vast selection of features that help shape the way you serve.  Communication flows smoothly and seamlessly from your wait staff to the kitchen and bar staff. Voids, order changes and adds can now be handled effortlessly through the Aloha system, eliminating unnecessary trips to and from the kitchen and bar.
And with R-POS menu item availability feature, you’re able to count down selected items or specials as they’re ordered so servers never order out-of-stock items. Ensuring your customers will continue to receive only the best possible service.


R-POS QuickService

A complete system that provides you with the advanced POS functionality you need in order to manage your business. Call it “fast food” or “quick service” – the emphasis is on speed. It’s critical when it comes to your point-of-sale system. So is reliability. Ease of use. Flexibility. 

R-POS QuickService gives you the tools to effectively and efficiently manage your mission-critical point-of-sale operations offers advanced POS functionality, intuitive Window™-based touch screens, open architecture, built-in redundancy, multiple revenue center capabilities, extensive front of- house reporting and much more to meet the needs of your business. With R-POS QuickService, you gain access to the tools you need to effectively and efficiently manage your operations. No matter how you configure R-POS QuickService, the end result is always a smooth running, seamlessly integrated system. And R-POS modular, upgradeable design allows it to grow with you, accommodating your future needs while helping you maximize the life and value of your investment. 

» Increase service speed       

Use R-POS to serve customers swiftly and accurately. The restaurant POS system’s easy- to-use graphical interface makes order entry, check splitting and card processing simple,while also providing optional tools for order breakdowns and routing.

» Enhance operational control

Analyze detailed reports to drill down on sales, server and restaurant performance. Use data to fine-tune menu design and promotions, make staffing decisions and compare your restaurant’s performance against its peers.

» Generate greater customer loyalty

R-POS helps staff deliver superior customer service that wins repeat business. The POS application can also be used to build loyalty programs and increase gift card sales.

» Reduce training time

New hires can learn how to use the R-POS rapidly, due to the intuitive graphical user interface. As a consequence, new staff can begin to add immediate value.

» Guarantee business continuity

R-POS has the industry’s best data redundancy program, helping ensure that you won’t lose time or sales due to service disruptions.

» Increase sales

Faster check processing equals more table turnovers and shorter customer lines, increasing revenue at every meal service you operate. In addition, you can use our restaurant POS tools to create innovative promotions that create buzz and fill seats.

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